Ten Year Anniversary


Songs of Richard Hundley, August, 2012
John Campbell & Steve Brockman

Alphabetical Song List (with date of composition when known) (numbers in brackets relate to the discography below)
A Package of Cookies (text: Virgil Thomson) (1963)
Afternoon on a Hill (Edna St. Vincent Millay) (2009)
Are they Shadows that We See? (1974)
Arise My Love (Song of Solomon) (1981) [1, 5]
Awake the Sleeping Sun (Richard Chashaw) (1965)
Ballad on Queen Anne's Death (anonymous) (1962, revised 1977) [1,2]
Bartholomew Green (James Purdy) (Nov 1978) [2,3]
Birds, U.S.A. (Purdy) (June 1972) [3]
Come Ready and See Me (Purdy) (Jan, Feb 1971) [1,2,4,7,8,10,13]
Care-charming Sleep (John Fletcher) (1966)
Daffodils (1963)
Elizabeth Pitty (an epitaph) (July 1960)
Emily's Song (Dickinson) (pub. 2004)
Epitaph of a Young Girl (an epitaph) (July 1960) [1]
Epitaph on a Wife (On a Wife) (an epitaph) (Nov 1957) [1,2]
Evening Hours (Purdy) (Feb 1975) [1]
Fine Manners (1989)
For your delight (Robert Louis Stevenson) (Aug-Oct 1962) [1,7]
God of the Sheep (Fletcher) (1964)
Green Woods are Dumb (Fletcher) (1964)
Heart We Will Forget Him (Emily Dickinson) (2004)
I am not lonely (1963)
I Do (Purdy) (Aug 1974) [1,2,3]
If You Love Me (St.Paul) (1972)
Just Why Johnnie was Jimmie (Gertrude Stein) (1964) (Duet for tenor and bass)
Isaac Greentree (an epitaph published 1869 London)(March 1960) [1,2,3,6]
Jenny Wren - Grand Duet for Two Sopranos (Purdy)
Joseph Jones (an epitaph) (Oct 1961)
Letter from Emily (Dickinson)
Lions (Purdy) (1971, revised 1988)
Maiden Snow (Kenneth Patchen) (1963) [1,7]
Maude Muller (John Greenleaf Whittier) (1988)
Moonlight's Watermelon (José Garcia Villa) (1990) [1,5]
My Master Hath a Garden (anonymous, Elizabethan verse) (Jan 1963) [1,3]
O My Darling Troubles Heaven with Her Loveliness (Patchen) (1998) [1]
Over Green Leaves (Purdy) (1972?)
Postcard from Spain (Richard Hundley) (1964)
Screw Spring (William Hoffman) (1968)
Seashore Girls (e.e.cummings) (1989) [1]
Softly the Summer (Hundley) (Aug 1957) [1,4]
Some Sheep are Loving (Stein) (1964) [1,2,5]
Spring (Shakespeare) (1952, pub. 1962-64) [1,2]
Straightway Beauty on Me Waits (Purdy) (1990) [1,4,5]
Strings in the Earth and Air (James Joyce) (1989) [1,8,10]
Sweet River (Fletcher) (1964) [1]
Sweet Suffolk Owl (anonymous Elizabethan verse, 1619) (June 1979) [1,2,3,12,13]
Tell Me Dearest, What is Love? (Fletcher) (1964-66)
The Astronomers (an epitaph) (Sept 1959) [1,2,3,6,11]
The Elephant is Slow to Mate (1992)
The Girls of Golden Summer (1982)
The Whales of California (Vachel Lindsay) (1997)
Tom, Tom the Piper's Son (for soprano, flute & piano; Nov 13 1990, premiere)
Under the Greenwood Tree (Shakespeare) (1967)
Waterbird (Purdy) (1988) [1,2,6,13]
Weep No More (Fletcher) (1964-66)
Well Welcome (Stein) (1989)
When Children are Playing Alone on the Green (Robert Louis Stevenson) [1]
When Orpheus Played (Shakespeare) (1979) [1]
White Fields (James Stephens) (1995)
Wild Plum (Orrick Johns) (1961)
Will there really be a morning? (Dickinson) (1987) [1,9]
Will There Really Be a Spring?

Other Vocal Works
Vocal Quartets to Poems by James Purdy (Spring, 1971)
The Sea is Swimming Tonight, a Cantata on Poems by James Purdy (4 soloists - SATB, piano 4-hands, 1982)
Ball (Purdy, 4 soloists - SATB, piano 4-hands,1985
Beverly, and the Saint Stephens-Prince Antelope (duet from incomplete opera Wedding Finger, based on play by Purdy, 1984?)

Discography: Compact Discs with Hundley Songs

The numbers in brackets [ ] after the song titles in the alphabetical song list above indicate the CD where the song is recorded. See below. 1. Under the Bluest Sky, Songs of Richard Hundley (26 songs), David Parks,tenor and Read Gainsford, piano 2007. No label or number listed. Availab`le at cdbaby.com
2. Romantic American Songs (11 songs) Paul Sperry, tenor and Irma Vallecillo, piano) Albany Records TROY 043-2, 1990
3. Mostly Americana (7 songs), Jennifer Poffenberger, soprano and Lori Piitz, piano. Enharmonic Records 12, 2011.
4. So Much Beauty (3 songs), Janeanne Houston, soprano and Robert Jorgensen, piano. Elmgrove Productions, 2003.
5. Permit Me Voyage (4 songs), Mary Ann Hart, mezzo-soprano and Dennis Helmrich, piano. Albany TROY 118, 1994.
6. An American Collage (3 songs), D'Anna Fortunato, mezzosoprano, (various composers - organ and choral works), Genevieve Lee, piano. Albany TROY 098, 1993.
7. For Your Delight – New American Art Songs (3 songs), Thomas Bogdan, tenor and Harry Huff, piano. CRI 901, 2002.
8. Drifts and Shadows (2), Elem Eley, baritone and J.J. Penna, piano. Albany Records TROY 1050, 2008.
9. Emily Dickinson in Song (1 song), Virginia Dupuy, mezzo soprano, various pianists. Gaspero GSCD-360, 2004.
10. Where the Music Comes From (1 song), Cynthia Haymon, mezzo-soprano and Warren Jones, piano. Argo 436 117-2, 1992
11. My Native Land (1 song), Jennifer Larmore, mezzo soprano and Antoine Palloc, piano. Teldec 0630-16096-2, 1997.
12. American Art Songs (1 song), William Sharp baritone and Steven Blier, piano New World NW 369-2, 1989.
13. American Song Recital (3 songs), Laura Wagner, soprano; Fred Weldy, piano. Channel Classics CCS 5293.

Much of the work from this discography came from our website reader Robert Schwab. In response to our 2002 article Looking for Richard Hundley, in 2004 Robert Schwab emailed us his much more complete list of songs available on CD. As we worked on this update we requested of him his most recent list and it is here, amended and restructured for our readers' ease of use.

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