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      When Julianne Baird was at ODU in February last winter she passed the information on to Agnes Fuller Wynne who passed it on to us. As each new issue of AU grew in length I held the information for the next issue. Now that a new school year has begun, this information is very important for both student and teacher and I must no longer delay in bringing it to you. Finally, here it is.

      Schubertline can be found at . There you will find over 1100 scores available on-line for you to print, most for a fee of about $1. There are also twenty titles you can print without charge. Instant on-line printing of lieder, songs and arias which may be viewed, played and printed in any key using Sibelius Scorch, the free software which lets you download sheet music from the internet. We count music by 54 composers from Bach and Beethoven to Wagner and Wolf. Copyright laws prevent their offering music by anyone who died after 1932. We hope you will find it useful and if you do, they also offer a six month subscription for about $25 that allows you to download and print an unlimited number of scores.

      We'd suggest that you print the two pages titled Using Schubertline from their menu to help you figure out the details.

      Update May 1, 2005: Mary Nicholson of Schubertline has sent us the following new information:

Over the last two years Schubertline has doubled the number of songs that are available for sale. There are now over 1600 scores by 79 composers available. Currently, nearly 20,000 people worldwide use the service each month.

In addition to being able to buy individual scores , customers may now buy subscriptions which offer unlimited free printing. Three types of subscriptions are available: a 'mini-subscription' valid for up to 60 days, and longer-term subscriptions valid for 6 or 12 months.

In addition, there are now 7 CD-ROMs available for purchase. They are useful study and teaching. Each CD contains between 45 and 50 titles, each one presented in high and low voice versions but transposable into any key; they are fully interactive, allowing users to control tempo, volume and key of playback with or without the vocal line being played.      They are:

Volume 1: 50 best selling songs and duets, which contains scores of all our most popular titles.

Volume 2: 48 popular arias from opera and oratorio, for soprano and mezzo-soprano.

Volume 3: Schubert's two great song-cycles, Die schöne Müllerin and Winterreise.

Volume 4: 48 Italian songs and arias from the 17th and 18th centuries.

Volume 5: Mozart: arias, lieder and duets for soprano. Famous soprano arias plus the Motet, Exultate Jubilate, and 16 of Mozart's lieder.

Volume 6: 47 French Art Songs, including 25 works by Fauré, plus songs by Berlioz, Chausson, Debussy, Duparc, Gounod and Massenet.

Volume 7: Schumann: 48 songs: Liederkreis Op. 24; Frauenliebe und -leben Op. 40; Dichterliebe Op. 48; plus 12 selected lieder.

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